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Top Ten Tips For New You Tubers

My you tube channel is three years old! and so I am sharing what I have learned, over 32 months, with Top Ten Tips for new you tubers.

Tip 1 – Your Channel

Take time to decide what your channel is going to be about. Are you you tubing for fun or for money. Either way, make sure that whatever you choose is of genuine interest to you, otherwise you will very quickly grow bored.

Tip 2 – Your Name

Take some time to think of a suitable name for your channel. You want it to be unique, memorable, easy to find and a name that still works in ten years time. Also consider using a hashtag with your name so that a person can put it into Google search which means all your content – across social media – can be found easily.

Tip 3 – Your Growth

If you want your channel to grow at a steady pace you need to upload consistently, minimum two to three times a week. The more times you upload in a week (or even in a day), the quicker your channel will grow. There is no science or magic to it, just dedication and hard work!

Tip 4 – Your Thumbnail

A vibrant and engaging thumbnail will attract more people to your channel. I recommend which is very easy to use. Creating a thumbnail can be time consuming but its a skill that is worth perfecting.

Tip 5 – Your Promotion

You can promote your channel, for free, across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Stories, Instagram Stories, blogs – to name but a few. You can also promote using Google Ads. Again, its all very time consuming – especially writing a blog – but if you can master it, it is worth your while. Collaborating with other you tubers is also another way to introduce your channel to a wider audience. Below is an example of a collaboration, my very first.

Tip 6 – Your Spending

Only spend what you can afford. You don’t need the most expensive camera, computer or editing suite. It is possible to vlog on a budget. Focus on producing good and engaging content and later, once you are a little more experienced, then you can invest more in the hardware.

Tip 7 – Your Audience

Make it a priority to engage with your audience / subscribers. In particular respond to all the comments. Of course, as your channel grows it gets more difficult but in the early stages you should make a genuine effort. Also consider a give-away, a fantastic way to let your subscribers know how much you care.

Tip 8 – Your Content

Stuck on what to do next on your channel? Use national holidays, observation days and trends to help create content for your channel. You can also use celebrity death days and birthdays. Or maybe there is a special holiday or cultural event in your country that you can tie a video in with. I also recommend creating a content calendar where you can map out your plans for the coming months.

Tip 9 – Your Confidence

Speaking to yourself, whilst staring into a camera, is not as easy as it looks and you may find that the moment you try to do it, for the first time, you feel very silly or intimidated. In particular if you are filming outside and people are staring at you. The answer is to practice until you feel more confident. And don’t ask other people what they think of your channel or your latest video, they might put you off. This might make you stop altogether. Critique yourself and make the appropriate adjustments in your next video and keep it moving!

Tip 10 – Start Now!

You don’t need a fancy camera, computer or editor. You don’t even need a thumbnail because you can work on that later. Don’t let anything or anyone change your mind or slow you down, start now! Start Today!


I am a cultural vlogger who enjoys sharing life experiences on my KrissMGvlogs you tube channel. I have a passion for walking, travel, cultural events and photography. I own Creole Communications, a social media consultancy.

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